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About life and death, and anything else you fancy.




My Story

Hello, my name is Kerry.

I am a nearly retired psychotherapist, and now I’m in the club that nobody wanted to join.

And maybe you are too, dear reader?

This got me thinking.

How can I make myself useful now?  What can I do to help?

This terminal journey is sometimes bumpy, sometimes blurry, and sometimes pretty bleak to be honest.

So, my hope is to make it a little smoother, and to bring some clarity and light, to make it just that little bit easier for those who I love and will be leaving behind, and anyone else who is in a similar position.

# of ideas

# of hours spent creating

# of printable products completed

# printables in the shop!

can I help?

I’m musing on life and death, and creating printable products that I hope might be of use.

Please join me and share any of your musings and I might add them to the blog (when I get it up and running).

Or share suggestions for printable products and I might be able to create something useful, or beautiful, or fun for you.